G1 Can I print a chart from GROW 2.0?
The software has the ability to print charts where required, but is designed to be fully electronic. You may wish to print the most recent chart and use it to plot fundal height measurements if you are entering an area where wifi or internet access is not available, however plotting the measurement electronically as soon as connection is restablished. Any printed copies of the chart should should be retained in the with the maternal health records.
G2 The mother has no internet access. Can I print a paper chart for her to keep?
A paper copy of the GROW chart can be printed for the mother. A new copy will need to be printed for her each time there is a new plot made as it is important for mothers to have an up to date copy. Old copies should be clearly marked "Archived" and may be retained by the mother or linked with the maternal health record if she does not wish to keep them.
G3 I have entered a measurement on the wrong chart how can I delete it?
You are able to delete plots within 6 hours of first recording the measurement. If deletion is requested after more than 6 hours from entry, you will need to notify a HCLA (Health Care Local Administrator - users with advanced permissions) within your organisation. These users are able to authorise and delete the measurement for you after 6 hours have lapsed. All amendments and deletions are recorded in the audit trail.
G4 I have entered an incorrect measurement how can I edit it?
On the right side of the tool tip there is a pencil icon. You can click this icon to edit the measurement. All amendments and deletions are recorded in the audit trail.
G5 I have forgotton my user credentials how can I reset them?
On the log in screen you are able to select either 'Forgot username?' or 'Forgot password?'. Your user credentials will be reset and instructions for log in will be sent to your regsitered email address.
G6 Can I access GROW 2.0 from my home PC/laptop or on my personal mobile device?
You are not advised to use GROW 2.0 if you cannot be assured of internet security as the information within the software uses patient identifiable information. Your Trust will have a local policy regarding this which you should be familiar with and follow.
G7 I feel I need some more training around the software; who can help me?
At your trust there will be champions who can cascade the training or answer any queries. Alternatively you can access some training via the Perinatal Institute contact GAP@perinatal.org.uk for training dates/ support.
G8 What does this icon mean
This icon means there is some confidential information within the record the woman may not wish to share with her partner, this may be previous baby or pregnancy details. Please ensure that when viewing information with this icon it is not visibile to anyone who is unauthorised.

This icon is not visible when the mother accesses GROW 2.0; all confidential information is hidden in her view.
G9 What is the chart ID for?
In the unlikely event that the GROW 2.0 software is unavailable, the chart ID is required to access a non patient identifable, read only version of the chart via backup.growapp.org . This will provide a read only version of the most recent chart with plots for review.

Chart IDs in GROW 2.0 have the prefix 'G' followed by 8 digits. It is recommended that the chart ID is documented in either the maternal handheld records or electronically so it is easily obtainable. Once the software is available again, please input any clinical care into the mothers record.
G10 The mother has a paper chart created in GROW 1.5, should I use GROW 2.0?
If the mother has a paper chart created in GROW 1.5 we recommend that you continue to use this until the end of her pregnancy.
The baby's birth weight centile should be created in the GROW app v1.5 https://ukaws.growservice.org/App/Account/Login to ensure that Trust reports for referral and detection rates are complete. If you are unsure which version of GROW was used to create the paper chart please refer to the chart ID. Charts created in GROW 1.5 consist of 8 digits, whilst charts created in GROW 2.0 have the prefix 'G' followed by 8 digits.
G11 Transfer of care
If a mother's care is transferred to a Trust that is not using GROW 2.0 print a copy of the chart for the mother to share with the new care providers, it may also be useful to print the antenatal care summary to go alongside the chart.
G12 There are two records for the same pregnancy, one was created inaccurately. What should I do?
Ensure the correct record is up to date and the incorrect record can be archived by system administators at the Perinatal Institute.
G13 A mother that is booked at a different trust presents with problems, can her chart be reviewed at the trust not responsible for care?
If the transfer is planned then you should use the print chart function to print a chart to be sent to the new Trust which has all plots.
G14 What helpdesk support is there if I have a problem accessing a chart?
Please contact help desk for support using perinatal.org.uk/helpdesk/GROW2.0 or your local HCLA who may be able to advise.
G15 Can I view the mother's previous pregnancy details in the software?
The previous pregnancy details entered at booking will be visible within the system. These details, alongside the current pregnancy details will automatically populate the GROW record for any future pregnancies.
G16 Can I access reports from the system? If not, how do I request data from the system?
Reports are currently available by making a data request via the helpdesk
G17 How do I view an audit trail within the system?
Audit trails will soon be visible in GROW 2.0 from the left hand navigation. To obtain a copy of the audit trail for a mother record please complete a helpdesk data request using - perinatal.org.uk/helpdesk/GROW2.0/
G18 Does GROW 2.0 have GAP SCORE integrated?
GAP SCORE is not currently integrated into GROW 2.0 but is under development. Once this part of the software is complete all pregnancies that have been entered can be reviewed using the integrated tool.
G19 Is GROW 2.0 interoperable with our exisiting systems?
GROW 2.0 APIs are available to enable integration with other systems
G20 The system is not working; what should I do?
Please contact help desk for support using - perinatal.org.uk/helpdesk/GROW2.0/ if access to a chart is required urgently please use the following link- backup.growapp.org
G21 How do mothers access view their customised chart?
If the mother wishes to have access to her GROW chart online please record her email address on the mother details page and click 'give access'. The mother will receive a link via email to verify her identity and to gain access. It is recommended that for the best experience mothers should access GROW 2.0 using a PC or laptop.