GROW 2.0 Lite

Following the successful launch of GROW 2.0 and current roll-out to all GAP units, we are pleased to introduce a special version of the application which can be used without customisation, for units / clinicians who wish to use population based growth charts for mothers
and babies under their care.

GROW 2.0 Lite is calibrated to the average fetal growth curve and birthweight standard of the NHS maternity population. Each NHS Trust and Health Board can determine whether the growth chart produced at booking is the same for all pregnancies, or adjusted for any of the following variables: maternal height, early pregnancy weight, parity and ethnic origin.

All other functionalities of GROW 2.0 are retained, including the following:

  • Fully electronic application of combined fetal and neonatal chart
  • Mother’s app to view growth chart
  • Assists risk assessment throughout pregnancy
  • Auto-plots SFH & EFW measurements
  • Easy identification of slow and accelerated growth
  • Plots twins and calculates twin-twin discordance
  • Automated growth surveillance audit
  • Can be integrated with local maternity information system

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