Saving Babies in North England (SaBiNE) Project

NHS North of England funded an initiative to assist with the implementation of the Growth Assessment Protocol (GAP) as a part of the Saving Babies Lives NHS Care Bundle for stillbirth prevention. 

The final report has been released in October 2016 and is available here: SaBiNE Final Report. 

Aims of the SaBiNE project:

  • Ensure comprehensive training in all Trusts in the GAP programme.
  • Promote the prevention strategy as part of the Stillbirth prevention care bundle.
  • Implement rolling audit to assess competence and performance.




  • Commenced in June 2015, adopted in 38 Trusts across the North East, North West and Yorkshire & Humber.
  • 52 Designated Clinical Midwives (DCMs) - Band 7 seconded for 18 days.
  • Intensive ‘train the trainer’ workshops held for over 150 midwives, obstetricians and sonographers.
  • Weekly WebEx Q&A follow up sessions and on-line discussion forum has been established
  • Rapid increase of postnatal entry of birthweight and gestation to calculate customised centile, and recording of antenatal referral and detection rates.
  • 89% of all births are audited postnatally allowing reporting and benchmarking.

A Standardised Clinical Outcome Review Evaluation tool used to facilitate the audit of ‘missed cases’, has been implemented (GAP-SCORE) after training and is fully integrated. DCMs continue to be supported by remote online sessions.

Thanks to the enthusiasm and professionalism of the SaBiNE leads, the project has progressed very well and can be considered a suitable template for similar initiatives in other NHS regions.

SaBiNE leads at the North of England workshop

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For further information, please email or call Tel:0121 607 0101