GROW 2.0

Following the accelerated rollout in late 2023, the majority of GAP units in the NHS are now running GROW 2.0 and the reception of the new software has been excellent, with promising early results. We are now in contact with all remaining sites to support their transition from 1.5 to the new free upgrade.

GROW 2.0 enhances patient safety with the following features-

  • Fully electronic application
  • Assists risk assessment throughout pregnancy
  • Mother’s app to view growth chart
  • Auto-plots SFH & EFW measurements
  • Identifies slow and accelerated growth
  • Plots twins and calculates twin-twin discordance
  • Automated growth surveillance audit

A short demonstration (6+ min) of the GROW 2.0 software can be found here:
GROW 2.0 Short Demo

A conference presentation (25 min) + Q&A of GROW 2.0 can be accessed here:
GROW 2.0 Demo and Q&A

Please see:

 Documentation for review and IG sign-off:

 Digital Technology Assessment Criteria (DTAC) documentation:

For any queries, on implementation of GROW 2.0, please email