Fetal Growth - Fundal Height Measurements

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1. Mother semi-recumbent, with bladder empty.

  • Explain the procedure to the mother and gain verbal consent
  • Wash hands
  • Have a non-elastic tape measure to hand
  • Ensure the mother is comfortable in a semi-recumbent position, with an empty bladder
  • Expose enough of the abdomen to allow a thorough examination
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2. Palpate to determine fundus with two hands.

  • Ensure the abdomen is soft (not contracting)
  • Perform abdominal palpation to enable accurate identification of the uterine fundus.
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3. Secure tape with hand at top of fundus.

  • Use the tape measure with the centimetres on the underside to reduce bias
  • Secure the tape measure at the fundus with one hand
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4. Measure to top of symphysis pubis.

  • Measure from the top of the fundus to the top of the symphysis pubis
  • The tape measure should stay in contact with the skin
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5. Measure along longitudinal axis of uterus,
note metric measurement.

  • Measure along the longitudinal axis without correcting to the abdominal midline
  • Measure only once
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6. Plot on customised chart, record in notes

  • Record the metric measurement and plot it on the growth chart.