GROW 2.0 Implementation Documentation

The documentation listed below supports the implementation of GROW 2.0.

Each document has a version number and a recommended audience so the appropriate people read the documentation relevant to them.

Document Date Version Intended Audience
Business Requirements 24.03.21 v2.0 Maternity Top Management
Service Level Agreement 11.05.21 v1.3 Maternity Top Management
General Terms of Service 2021 v3.0 Maternity Top Management
Functional Specification 18.05.21 v1.0 Maternity Top Management, IT Lead
Technical Specification 15.02.21 v1.0 IT Lead
Data Privacy Impact Assessment 12.05.21 v1.0 IG Team
Data Sharing Agreement 01.05.2021 v1.0 IG Team
DTAC 01.05.21 v1.0 Maternity Top Management, IT Lead
Pre-Deployment Checklist 18.08.21 v1.0 Maternity Top Management, IG Team