GROW App: Improving safety in pregnancy by computer aided monitoring of fetal growth.
The Perinatal Institute picked up a prestigious national Patient Safety Award for the third year running. This year’s prize was a Highly Commended award for GROW App in the category ‘Technology and IT to Improve Patient Safety’. GROW App is the bespoke application developed to produce customised growth charts with country specific coefficients for improved surveillance and audit of fetal growth.

Currently, over 500,000 growth charts a year are being generated with the GROW App (see GAP uptake). The application is an integral part of the Growth Assessment Protocol (GAP) which has already led to significant reductions in stillbirth in England.

Left to Right: Suneel Loi, senior developer; Mandy Williams, project manager;
Jason Gardosi, director; Sue Turner, national GAP lead; Ian Bird, IT manager.

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