MiApp – Mothers Information Application

The Perinatal Institute have developed in partnership with Patients Know Best, a maternity healthcare record that mirrors our hand held notes which are in everyday use in the majority of NHS units in England.


Accurate, high quality record keeping is essential for safe maternity care and for expectant mothers to be well informed. MiApp is the electronic version of the Perinatal Institute’s hand held maternity notes.

Current practice usually involves clinicians manually completing the maternity notes as the primary source of information, and duplicating this information for the providers of her care. Double entry is expensive, time consuming and can result in unsafe care.

The Solution

MiApp offers mothers and healthcare professionals full access to the clinical record of the pregnancy, birth and postnatal period.

MiApp puts the mother in control of her own health record and is accessible on her mobile phone, tablet or home computer. The information can be shared instantly with primary and secondary care providers and links to GP and hospital based information systems, thereby avoiding double entry of data.

MiApp promotes effective communication between the mother and her carers and ensures that women have the opportunity to be fully informed and engaged in decision-making.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Mother controlled health record, accessible on her hand held device
  • Available in modular formats to include the antenatal, intrapartum and postnatal records
  • Can link seamlessly with any maternity information system (MIS)
  • Information is shared instantly with primary, secondary and social care providers
  • Contains evidence based information text for women and clinicians and includes videos and links to useful websites
  • Translates into 18 languages
  • Comprehensive reporting functionality built in
  • Useful tools for clinicians including management plans, symptom tracker, messaging and diary function
  • Updated regularly in line with national guidelines and latest evidence based practice
  • Uses a standard dataset consistent with the Maternity Payment Pathway and the National Maternity Services Dataset
  • SNOMED coded and compliant
  • MiApp will improve quality and safety in maternity care, resulting in substantial savings and reduced litigation

For further information, please write to info@perinatal.org.uk or call Tel:0121 607 0101