MiApp – Mothers Information Application

MiApp provides standardised digital maternity notes for mothers, midwives and health professionals to enhance the partnership between mothers and care providers. It is the paperless version of our hand held maternity records currently used in 60% of pregnancies in England.


Accurate, high quality record keeping is essential for safe maternity care and for expectant mothers to be well informed. Current practice usually involves clinicians manually completing the hand held maternity notes as the primary source of information and duplicating this into an electronic system. Double entry is expensive, time consuming and results in mother and clinician dissatisfaction and may lead to miscommunication and delay in patient care.

The Solution

MiApp provides an integrated record putting the mother at the centre and in control of her own health record. The application is accessible to her on her mobile phone, tablet or home computer. It promotes effective communication between the mother and her carers and ensures that she has the opportunity to be fully informed and engaged in decision-making.

The information can be shared instantly with primary and secondary care providers and connect to all stakeholders, so that information is received automatically and instantly. MiApp can be used as the primary system, or link seamlessly to primary care and hospital based systems for one consolidated view, thereby avoiding multiple entry of the same data.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Full Electronic record for pregnancy, birth and postnatal care.
  • Follows the principles of hand held maternity notes with full medico-legal audit trail.
  • Can be integrated with PAS, MIS, GP, pathology, ultrasound systems etc.
  • Provides latest evidence and national guidelines to support choice and personalised care plans.
  • Regularly updated in partnership with our focus groups, pilot sites and mothers.
  • Contains unbiased information including videos, links to useful websites and leaflets.
  • Available in other languages.
  • Information stored behind NHS N3 host and available for offline working.
  • Supports a standardised dataset consistent with Payment Pathway, MSDS, Friends & Family Test and Maternity Safety Thermometer.
  • Fully SNOMED coded.
  • Supports the vision of ‘Better Births’ and the Maternity Transformation Programme.

For further information, please write to miapp@perinatal.org.uk or call Tel:0121 607 0101